This Is Something That I Know

2020 -the year when everything seemed unsettled. Where we found new ways of living, new ways of working and new ways of connecting. Amongst all the turbulence and change, we offered a creative prompt to help our community feel, that while we were being tested, we also found the things that we know still matter. Perhaps even more. The first step was too create.

After creating, we asked our Stitchers to connect with someone else and share what they had made. We encouraged conversation and asked if this changed their opinion of what they had created.

The final stage in the process was asking Stitchers to share their final pieces with us. We then have then been busy developing an order to share them with you. Sometimes we asked participants to record their written work as an audio piece which we then turned into short videos. Sometimes we didn’t need to do this as they had already. We always shared our editing back with the contributor to make sure they were happy. We are looking forward to sharing this collection with you, a collection as varied as the voices that contributed.

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