Winter Events and Workshops

Happy New Year to you all!

Well winter is here. From the morning frost glistening on the empty roads to the urge to snuggle down under a duvet. Instead of lockdown, we like to think of this as a period of hibernation. But we are story telling animals us humans and the need to gather and share is intrinsic to our health. 

We have a programme of workshops over Zoom coming up over the next couple of months that we can’t wait to share with you. As we enter another period of lockdown, we hope that our workshops will provide some solace and escape as the storm rages outside. Best of all you could have your pyjamas on and we wouldn’t judge. Been before? These workshops are not a repetition of what has gone before. New to a Stitch event? These workshops are reflective, warm and welcoming. So let’s come together and weather the storm, brew in hand.

You can sign up for the workshops by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Story Circle 8pm, 18th February

Come gather round our virtual fire as we trade tales. Want to share your story? We have space for up to 6 people to tell a 5 minute tale. Email us to book your slot. Want to listen? Sit back and relax. Just let us know you want to come and join us. Free (Recommended donation £3)

Creative Writing Course – 25th January, 1st February, 8th February, £18

Join Tom on a three part journey as old as most stories.  We will create, discover and meet our ‘hero’, in their ‘ordinary world’.  Then it’s adventure time!  There are mentors, allies and enemies to meet. What literal and metaphorical challenges will your hero overcome and how will they return ‘home’?

Playful Teller – 28th January, £6

Join Flick as we hone our improvisation skills and dive into a deeper understanding of listening and staying present when telling tales. Using some clowning techniques, we will explore how we can keep focused on telling the tale alongside being open to what our audience likes.

Talking Teller – 25th February, £6

In this informal workshop with Tom, we will play around with the words and ideas on the page, allow them to stand up and wander around. Traditionally, storytellers created stories long before most people could write things down, we will see how our characters and stories can develop through our own voices.

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Just let us know which workshop you are interested in coming to.


This Is Something That I Know

2020 -the year when everything seemed unsettled. Where we found new ways of living, new ways of working and new ways of connecting. Amongst all the turbulence and change, we offered a creative prompt to help our community feel, that while we were being tested, we also found the things that we know still matter. Perhaps even more. The first step was too create.

After creating, we asked our Stitchers to connect with someone else and share what they had made. We encouraged conversation and asked if this changed their opinion of what they had created.

The final stage in the process was asking Stitchers to share their final pieces with us. We then have then been busy developing an order to share them with you. Sometimes we asked participants to record their written work as an audio piece which we then turned into short videos. Sometimes we didn’t need to do this as they had already. We always shared our editing back with the contributor to make sure they were happy. We are looking forward to sharing this collection with you, a collection as varied as the voices that contributed.


Creative Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter to you!

Here at Stitch HQ, Easter is a very special time of year for us. We normally would be spending it with our families and stuffing our faces with chocolate and treats. 

We are very sad that we cannot be with our family this year and we thought that others might feel like this too. So we have created a Creative Easter Egg Hunt. Please download print this off and hide around your home or garden. We hope it brings you together and is a boredom buster!

Have a great weekend and we hope you and your families are well.

Lots of love, Flick and Tom, 

Stitch HQ


Nook and Cranny’s Intergalactic Space Mission

Nook and Cranny are looking for brave space explorers to go on a mission to go across the Universe. They are looking for spectacular space stories that can take us out of this world.

Nook and Cranny’s Intergalactic Space Mission is designed as a fourteen day challenge to help you shape your stories. The activities could last as long as you like them to, but we think you can do them in 15 minutes. 

You can write, draw, move, make or tell to explore. You can look up what is actually out there in the stars or you can let your imagination roam through space capturing strange creatures, secret stars or unknown planets.

While these activities are designed for children, we think that they are a great intergenerational activity too.

You can download the full challenge below, including some extra resources to support this challenge.

Help Nook and Cranny complete their mission by sharing your creations:

Facebook: @storystitchers

Instagram: @story_stitchers

Twitter: @story_stitchers