About Us

We are storytellers with over 10 years experience or working in the arts. People are at the heart of our practices. We believe in offering high quality creative experiences for everybody. We are based in The Old School in Warrington and work across communities in the North West.

Flick Goodman

Storyteller, Writer, Community Artist

I have a background in theatre and have been working creatively for over a decade with schools, community groups and creative and cultural organisations. Some of the places I have worked are Z-Arts, Manchester Libraries, HOME, The Pankhurst Centre and Manchester Art Gallery.

I  graduated MMU School of Theatre in 2008 and have a CELTA qualification in teaching English. I love sharing tales with all sorts of people, both telling them myself and listening to others tell theirs. My work is centred around helping people find their voice, connecting individuals to the world around us and making space for creativity.

Find out more: http://www.felicitygoodman.co.uk

Tom Barry

Storyteller, Writer, Community Artist

I have been involved with or worked in community arts and live performances for many years. Since graduating from drama school I have run projects in local history, directed community performances and lead workshops in Acting and Movement for professionals and young people. I work regularly with Tatton Park and Z Arts.

I frequently tell stories in Community Centres, Libraries, Markets, Online Platforms, Schools and Nurseries. I love unpacking creative processes and seeing people discover their sometimes hidden creative talents. In all I do my aim is to make things accessible, engaging and rewarding.

Find out more: http://www.tomforastory.com

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