100 days of Joy Seeking

Story Stitchers brings you 100 days of joy seeking

We know the world feels like a topsy turvy place right now. Joy Seeking is not the absence of suffering but finding small moments of happiness amidst the chaos of life. We believe there is joy to be found when we Gather, Share and Listen.

So join us in the Joy Seeking.

Photographs by Molly Mansley of Creative Care-Takers at Everything About Us event at Warrington Library, Museum and Gallery. (From TL – TR Tina Ramos Ekongo, Emma Pageant. From BL – BR Alice Proctor, Tom Byrne, Stacey Atkinson)

Sharing 100 Days

We’ll be asking questions, sharing photos and getting your imaginations fired up with some story starters. We’ll be celebrating artists that bring us joy and sharing our HAIKU’S of HAPPINESS. That’s something every day for 100 days between 10th September to 18th December.

Story Circles

Both our monthly online and in person story circles will be back, providing a space to share your stories.


We’ll be bringing our new monthly gathering Choir-Oke for a fun filled social sing.