Nook & Cranny

Professors Nook and Cranny are curious. They want to find the formula in the fable, the alchemy in the allegory, and test tales.

Incorporating drama, history, arts and crafts and literacy skills, the professors unpick and demystify the act of storytelling, making it an act for all. Additional extras include an Arts and Craft workshop, poetry build session and a dance class. Perfect for schools, libraries, festivals and family focused events!

For a flavour of what Nook and Cranny have to offer, check out this short film we made for What’s on Reading’s Digital Advent Calendar in 2020:

The Expedition

Professors Nook and Cranny are looking for answers. They want to crack the formula of the perfect stories. They have dissected tales in their lab, but now they are on an expedition, from here to there to solve the mysteries and patterns of spinning a good yarn. Families are invited to come on their quest, and make their own discoveries in the world of story telling.

Festival friendly, this pop-up piece can adapt to surroundings and audiences. The running time is 45 minutes and can be repeated up to three times a day.

The Discovery

Nook and Cranny come as a walkabout act that can interact with families. They are very chatty and come with an essential storytelling kit that helps families create characters and conflict, contemplate good vs evil and come up with their own Bright Ideas. This act has been designed for noisy outdoor festivals and to help create atmosphere and connection.

Digital Storytelling

Nook and Cranny can also tell a short story to camera, just like this one that we did for Spot On Stories in 2021. This was shared across library services in North West:

The Mouse, The Bird and The Sausage, Spot on Stories

Nook and Cranny’s Intergalatic Space Mission

During the first Lockdown in 2020 we created a 14 day series of challenges for families to plot their own adventures through space. This then turned into a small booklet called a Tale Trail Kit to help children and their families tell tales at home.

Nook & Cranny’s Intergalactic Space Mission