We produce flexible performance work that can take place in multiple settings from libraries to theatres to museums to parks. Our work is narrative driven and is highly interactive. We provide the structure of the story, and the audiences help us feel in the detail. Our work includes silly voices, puppetry, song and games. The performance work can be adapted to a walkabout act or take place on a ‘stage’. The current acts available for bookings are below:

Nook and Cranny

Professors Nook and Cranny are curious. They want to find the formula in the fable, the alchemy in the allegory, and test tales.

Incorporating drama, history, arts and crafts and literacy skills, the professors unpick and demystify the act of storytelling, making it an act for all. Additional extras include an Arts and Craft workshop, poetry build session and a dance class. Perfect for schools, libraries, festivals and family focused events! You can find out more here.

Wild Wonder

Wild Wonder is a storytelling collection for families. We explore the outdoors and share stories about what we discover. We bring our short stories out into the field where we encourage families to come Bird Watchers, Botanists and Insect Inspectors. You can find out more here