Nook & Cranny, Story Scientists

Professors Nook and Cranny are looking for answers. They want to crack the formula of the perfect stories. They have dissected tales in their lab, but now they are on an expedition, from here to there to solve the mysteries and patterns of spinning a good yarn. Families are invited to come on their quest, and make their own discoveries in the world of story telling.

Festival friendly, this pop-up piece can adapt to surroundings and audiences. The running time is 45 minutes and can be repeated up to three times a day. It can be taken for a walkabout as promenade characters, or fill a tent, nook or cranny (hehe- see what we did there)!

Perfect for schools, libraries, festivals and family focused events!

Nook and Cranny have launched their Intergalactic Space Mission. You can find out what that means here

Here is a short story commissioned by Spot On Lancashire in March 2020 or us telling a very silly tale

Family friendly, Pop Up, Promenade

Wild Wonder

Stay Curious, Grow Wild Together and Wonder More.

Wild Wonder is a podcast for families brought to you by Stitch. We explore the outdoors and share stories about what we discover. We curate the podcast involving our children as we believe that if children hear others speaking, it makes them feel powerful with their own voice.

Each episode includes a walk about with our children, followed by a story inspired by what we discovered on our walk. We hope this podcast and the supporting activities allows your families to connect to each other and the world just outside your front door.

You can listen in to all 4 episodes on Spotify and Sound Cloud. Here is one of our favourite episodes:

Podcast, Storytelling, Families

Over The Moon

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Over the Moon captured the special relationship that we Earthlings have with the moon. Stitch collected tales online and ran creative writing workshops gathering participants and audiences relationships with our silver sister of the night sky. Participants in this project ranged from 3 to 83. We loved working cross generation and seeing the variety of contibutions from poetry to pictures to memories.

Intergenerational, Collecting Tales, Digital Engagement

Other projects include: Tell Me a story of…, This is Something That I know & Patchwork Tales

Let’s build something together.