Vision and Values

At Story Stitchers we up skill people in the art of storytelling and find connection to themselves and their community.

Through our person centred approach we build collaborative spaces where we share knowledge of narrative and creative play.

Our 7 core values:

1. Everybody is a storyteller

Everybody has life experience, expertise, an imagination and an understanding of the world we live in.

As professional artists, we happily share our skills in order to encourage storytelling. We commit to stories being handled respectfully and we will always explain how stories will be used.

We know that stories provoke other stories and that sometimes stories are packaged in surprising ways.

2. Everybody has a different way of telling stories

Everybody has a unique experience of the world. One of the marvellous things in life is that we are all different. Each of us has our own personality, value, morality and circumstances.

We commit to welcoming, supporting and listening to other professional artists in other disciplines in order to diversify our offer.

3. Everybody should have access to storytelling

Experience tells us that people have a variety of reasons why they don’t engage in storytelling. These can range from lack of confidence to lack of opportunity to lack of representation. We are working towards making storytelling more equitable.

Our Person Centred approach means that we will adapt to the needs of the individuals or the communities we work with.

4. Everybody deserves to be heard

All of us want to feel valued. All of us have stories and ideas that are interesting, entertaining, challenging and useful. All of us are deserve to be listened to and when we are, we grow in confidence.

We commit to going slowly. To create a space for people to be heard. Active listening will be encouraged by everyone involved.

5. Everybody should have a safe space to create

Our workshops are designed with creative play at the heart of them. We want these spaces to be a playground for risk taking, exploring, building, making, shaping, stretching, failing and standing up stronger for it all.

If our workshops do not meet these standards they will be redeveloped.

6. Everybody should feel welcome

We want our work to host spaces that celebrate differences and connections. We know that participants are experts in their own life and we encourage mutual respect in the room between professional and non professional artist.

7. Everybody can grow and change

We want to give people the opportunity to learn new skills and connect to others. This process can change people’s outlook, approach and opinion.

As professional artists, we hold ourselves to this standard and commit to ongoing personal and professional development and to interrogating, disrupting and evolving our practice.