Wild Wonder

Stay Curious, Grow Wild Together and Wonder More.

Wild Wonder is a storytelling collection for families. We explore the outdoors and share stories about what we discover.


We curate the podcast involving our children as we believe that if children hear others speaking, it makes them feel powerful with their own voice.

Each episode includes a walk about with our children, followed by a story inspired by what we discovered on our walk. We hope this podcast and the supporting activities allows your families to connect to each other and the world just outside your front door.

You can listen in to all 4 episodes on Spotify and Sound Cloud. Here is one of our favourite episodes:

Wild Wonder Live

We bring our short stories out into the field where we encourage families to come Bird Watchers, Botanists and Insect Inspectors. Wild Wonder Live is a 60-90 minute interactive storytelling experience incorporating song, story, puppets and creative writing. This flexible session suits families with children aged 4-11 years old. It also has schools version and comes with a digital story pack aged at Years 2, 3 and 4.

Free Resource

We have a free resource to encourage children to become Insect Inspectors and explore the natural world. Children can colour in the creatures, invent their own insect and follow the prompts to create an mini beast mini tale….