Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events for Families and Schools

The Class Storybook

KS1, 5-7 year olds

60 min

As a class, create a a tale and make it into a book. In this collaborative class session, children learn about the narrative story structure ‘The Heroes Journey’ and build their own tale. Working together in small groups and using recycled resources, children create a different page the gets bound into a class book.

We can add a 30 minute interactive storytelling performance for school assemblies.

“Tom and Flick were fabulous. The story telling assembly was fun packed and the children absolutely loved it.
The teachers were amazed at what the children were able to produce in an hour long workshop. Each class worked together to create, write and illustrate their own class book using natural and recycled materials. The best story tellers we have ever had!”

K. Hughes, Assistant Head, Alma Park

Wild Wonder

EYFS, KS1, 3-8 years olds

45 min -90 min

Explore the stories of the wild, children will be guided through a nature based folktale.  Bugs become beasts, bushes grow into jungles and puddles can be sailed for miles. Children create their own characters, events and environments from the story. You can learn more about Wild Wonder here.

We can add a 30 minute interactive storytelling performance for school assemblies.

The Story Club

Reception & KS1, 5-7 year olds

60 minute

With different Story Club Chapters to pick from, We use Drama, Song, Creative Writing and Crafts to give children confidence in telling tales. These can be booked as a series of workshops or individually. You can read more about The Story Club here.

The Spy Academy

KS1, KS2 6-11 year olds

90 min – 120 min

Children create their own spy identity, gadgets and outfits as you discover how to come a top secret agent. They will crack codes and write their own. This workshop can be extended to include a secret mission and an outside challenge.

Workshops and Events for Adults

Story Circle

Online Event

Stitch Run a monthly story circle where folk are welcome to share a tale or settle down by our virtual fireside and listen. This event is at 8pm, every fourth Monday of the Month. Fancy join us? Just drop us an message here

Talking Teller

Online/ In Person Workshop

In these workshops, we look at lifting stories from page to stage. Each workshop explores with a traditional folk tale and encourages participants to tell the tale in the own way.

Playful Teller

Online/ In Person Workshop

In these workshops we look at energy and improvisation as we explore the importance of play as storyteller. Each workshops involves lot of game playing and building up confidence as a storyteller.